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The Super Bowl half-time show is traditionally a ratings booster for the artist who performs. This year’s honors goes to pop-icon Bruno Mars. But he has not declared who will be assisting him at this writing. Traditionally the artist get help from others who will also benefits from the show exposure. Last year’s performer, Beyoncé got help from her Destiny’s Child partners Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Super Bowl also attracts other performers to the general area. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are expected to perform a pre-game concert at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center on Super Bowl eve. The Foo Fighters and Zac Brown Band performs on a cruise ship docked at the Pier 88 in Manhattan on the Hudson River on Saturday. Additional performers at the cruise ship include The Roots, Imagine Dragons, Run DMC and Fall Out Boy. Two days before the Super Bowl, Robin Thicke and Kendrick Lamar will be at the Pier 36 where ESPN party will be held. Marc Anthony, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend will be performing at an event held by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines. Patti LaBelle and Donnie McClurkin will be performing at the Madison Square Garden which sponsors Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.

The popular singing competition, “American Idol” will start airing in mid-January 2014 on Fox on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This will be the 13th season for the much popular show. Ryan Seacrest once again will host the show and judges will include former judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban and newcomer Harry Connick Jr. Jennifer Lopez is returning to the show after a brief absence. Keith Urban served as a judge last season along with singers Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Harry Connick Jr. served as a mentor before so, he is not new to the show. Many hope that the new show will be without drama that engulfed the last season due to on-air sniping between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Hope this time contestants are the limelight instead of judges.

Many expect the new season to bring some changes to the show based on viewer and contestant input. Viewers as well as younger contestants are asking the show producers to include popular current hits in addition to golden oldies. Still the show will feature popular Auditions, the Hollywood Week, and finally the Top 13 picked by judges. As usual the show will end in May 2014 after crowning a new “American Idol.”

What it takes to become an “A-Lister”

Posted by elegant On December - 13 - 2013

Popular award shows are upon us starting with the Golden Globe Awards that is scheduled for January 2014. One of the phrases you will be hearing a lot during the award season is “A-list.” What is the “A-list?”

“A-list” represents or intended to identify most sought after major movie stars and musicians. They are the stars that Hollywood film industry would like to bank on making a popular as well as profitable movie. “A-list” celebrities are unique that the media love to cover their every move from going shopping to social associations. Tabloids love them so much there are many that exclusively cover them and their families. Some of the elements that make an “A-Lister” include a distinguished career, played in high profile projects, handle pressure well and mingle with general population. This allows them to pick and choose what parts they want to play.

Outside Hollywood an “A list celebrity” refers to well connected, popular and much admired people associated with the film and music industry. In some instances “A list celebrity” goes beyond the film industry and used to identify others who are noteworthy in many disciplines. A well-known “Hot List” uses a method to measure stars global appeal.