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How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Posted by admin On April - 12 - 2011

Health experts often recommend that speeding up the metabolic rate can give you the upper hand when it comes to weight loss and regulation. And there is no doubt that in speeding up your metabolism you can burn the fat off your body in to achieve the fitness levels that you have always aimed for, and not have been successful with.

And this can only be achieved by maintaining an active lifestyle which will keep your body working throughout, and thus achieved the desire result of losing the weight that you’ve always.

So, here are a few simple tips that you can follow in order to speed up your metabolic rate:

Tip #1: Drink Plenty Of Water

Perhaps the simplest tip of all but it is imperative that you do consume at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Of course, if you exercise regularly, then there will be no doubt that you will have to add a few more glasses of water to that figure.

Tip #2: Exercise

Maintaining a good diet can only get you so far but the truth is that in being able to get at least three hours of exercise in order to keep that metabolic rate up and going. And this is not just about going for walks but includes serious workouts that include both strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

Tip #3: Dietary Restrictions In The Form Of Small Meals

Some people tend to gorge a hasty meal with no understanding of portion control whatsoever at dinner. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. Don’t miss breakfast and try to keep your dinner light. But for all the snacking and meals in between, try and eat in small quantities at regular intervals.

Tasty Foods That You Can Eat When Coping With The Flu

Posted by admin On April - 5 - 2011

A common solution that is often adopted when one is down with the flu is to restrict oneself to a diet that is bland. Yet most people are not aware of the fact that there are several foods that are tasty and are safe to eat when you are dealing with a bout of flu.

So here is a list of foods that you can eat (without worrying about your health) when down with the flu:

#1: A Glass Of Vegetable Juice

Not only do vegetables have important antioxidants that will help you to fight the flu but it is packed with necessary vitamins and minerals as well. So getting busy with a blender and a selection of vegetables could be you first choice.

#2: Chicken Soup

Scientific studies have shown that chicken soup can be instrumental in aiding the healing process especially when you have the flu. If that’s not enough, it provides sufficient nourishment to the ailing person so that they have the requisite levels of energy to function normally, while also being an excellent substitute for the tasteless meals that you might resort to during this time of sickness.

#3: A Cup Of Hot Tea

Not only will a cup of hot tea cure the flu but a host of other diseases which comes from not only the healing powers of tea but from the steam that is generated by drinking it hot. Of course, the patient will benefit from this when they inhale the steam, and that can play a key role in curing a sore throat and congestion.

#4: Popsicles

Considered to be one of the best foods that you can consume when having the flu, its first function can help you to soothe a dry and swollen throat quite easily. If that’s not enough, since these popsicles are made from fruit juices, it will be healthy as well as being tasty too.

Reasons Why People Do Not Lose Weight

Posted by admin On March - 27 - 2011

Reason #1: No Exercise

Most experts consider this to be the primary reason as to why people do not lose weight. If you don’t exercise, you won’t burn any calories, and you don’t burn any calories, you won’t lose any weight. It’s as simple as that!

Reason #2: On a Diet without Exercise

Just as one cannot clap with only one hand, the same thing applies to losing weight. Even if you pick the best diet that is in the market today, you will notice that exercise is also a part of the routine that they ask you to follow. Therefore, dieting without exercise is pointless, and won’t achieve results.

Reason #3: Not enough Calorie In-take

With the minimum intake being at 1200 calories no matter who you are, and perhaps while the common misconception is that if you skip a few meals you will lose weight, nothing can be further from the truth as this is minimum recommended limit so that the body will have enough energy to function properly and your health will suffer as a result. So eat your meals regularly.

Reason #4: Excuses

While all these tips can be useful for people who are ignorant, the only people who can motivate themselves to follow a proper diet and exercise program are the ones who don’t focus on the excuses. It’s not about not having the time but making the time for these important aspects of living that will bring about a change in your life.

Important Health Test For Women

Posted by admin On March - 21 - 2011

In order to stay in optimum health, it is important for both sexes to get themselves tested every once in a while. But this applies doubly so for the ‘fairer sex’, and this means that in doing so they can get a good handle on their health, which is vital for general well being.

woman workout

So here is a list of tests that have been recommended by the United States Preventive Services task Force:

#1: Obesity

Calculate your Body Mass Index to get a good understanding as to whether or not you are obese, overweight or normal.

#2: Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer

One should get a mammogram done every one to two years after the age of 40 and a pap smear especially if you are sexually active is a good idea as well. You can also get yourself tested for cervical cancer at the age of 50, and your doctor will be able to help you with that.

#3: High Cholesterol

Ensure that you have your cholesterol checked after the age of forty-five.

#4: High Blood Pressure

It’s important to have your blood pressure checked every two years with the measurements at 140/90 or higher.

#5: Depression

This is just as important as physical health, and in consulting with a doctor, you should be able to test for depression as well.

#6: HIV

This is perhaps one of the most important tests to take especially if you’ve had unprotected sex with several partners or took a blood transfusion between 1978 to 1985 as well as other obvious reasons.

Signs That Indicate Sleeping Problems

Posted by admin On March - 15 - 2011

Sleep is perhaps one of the most important things that a human being should have, and yet there are times when we seem to wake up not having enough sleep as we still feel tired and groggy. Experts say that this might be due to a sleep problem even though it might not manifest itself with any serious health issues.

So here is a list of signs that indicates a “sleep problem”:

Sign #1: You haven’t had a good night’s rest and wake up with a bad taste in your mouth

Sign #2: You wake up often to use the bathroom or even toss and turn in your sleep

Sign #3: Your teeth are wearing down or your jaw clicks, pops or even feels sore

Sign #4: You wake up tangled in the covers or move all over the bed at night

Sign #5: Although you sleep well, you feel exhausted all the time while waking up with a sore throat or neck pain

Sign #6: You wake up with a horrible breath or a dry mouth

Sign #7: You are able to sleep well but feel sleepy while driving or groggy throughout the day.

Each of these signs are related to a particular disorder, and they have a reason for it, and if you have identified one of these reasons to be the one that you seem to be dealing with, your doctor should be more than happy to assist you in dealing with this health issue.

Basic Tips To Lose Weight In Three To Four Weeks

Posted by admin On March - 11 - 2011

In a recent study it was revealed that single women worry more about their weight rather than think about why they are not in a relationship. However, while the desire to lose weight exists, they either don’t know how or are finding it difficult to keep up with a tough routine.

So, here are some basic tips that can help you lose weight in three to four weeks:

Tip #1: Cardio Exercise & Yoga

One of the most important tips to lose weight is to have an exercise routine that involves a lot of cardio exercise. Jogging, running, swimming, aerobics, bicycling and rock climbing are some of the most engaging exercises if one wants to lose the most number of calories, and thus lose weight. On the other hand, yoga can work wonders for people as it will reduce the amount of sugar released into the body.

Tip #2: Maintain a Diet

Exercise is just one part of the entire thing but what is important is drinking lots of water, eating fruits, vegetables and foods that are high in protein while watching your portion sizes. And most importantly, you should avoid snacks as much as possible.

Tip #3: Being Consistency

Being consistent is a much-desired trait with anything, and it is the same with health too. If you start a fitness program, ensure you stick with it until you reach your goals because this will not only impact your health positively but you’ll be the happier for it.