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Published reports indicate that American Idol will be coming to a close after the next season. The final season is also expected to bring back former judges and winners as well as many non-winners. The singing talent show has been a rating success for the broadcaster Fox but seen viewership slipping away slowly.

American Idol was launched in summer of 2002. It has been the No. 1 broadcast television show for eight seasons. Rating for the show peaked in 2006 drawing more than 36 million viewers for the finale. This year’s viewership is estimated at 11.6 million, a series low. It is still dominating the viewership during broadcast nights. Besides the slipping ratings, rising cost to produce the show, competing and successful other shows are contributing to end the show after next season.

Producers expect to bring back current judges and the host for the final, American Idol Season XV, show. Current judges include Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. While judges changed hands over the years, the host of the show, Ryan Seacrest, has been with the show from the very beginning. Many are sure to miss the show.

Rumors about premium digital TV service from Apple

Posted by elegant On April - 20 - 2015

Apple TV has been the center of conversations for years and it appears that new signs coming from Cupertino, California may be good news for those who are waiting. Earlier this year, Apple introduced HBO Now to its customer offerings for $14.99 a month. In March 2015, Apple silently updated Apple TV to add CNNgo allowing it to provide live TV and on-demand video. Its third generation Apple TV was introduced in 2012 and incorporated 1080p high resolution video standard. Apple TV device can be connected to a traditional TV using a HDMI cable and port.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Apple is getting ready to launch a premium digital streaming TV service soon. It will be a virtual multichannel video programming service to include most major broadcast and cable networks, live sports and on-demand offerings.

Apple is entering into a crowded field that includes Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Cable Inc., Dish Network Corporation and DirecTV. Apple is sure to take away a sizable share from each of the existing service providers.

More and more people are opting to use their mobile devices to watch TV and other content and Apple is making a right move.

The American television drama series, Mad Men, is scheduled to be end after its seventh and final season. The drama has been airing on AMC. The seventh season consists of 14 episodes split between two parts. The first half named “The Beginning” started on April 13 and ended on May 25, 2014. The second half of the final season known as “The End of an Era” will begin airing on April 5 and will end on May 17, 2015.

The final season deal with the life and office issues and will be split between New York and Los Angeles. The Seventh and Final Season has been a good one for the show creators. Critics give it a “certified fresh” grade (Rotten Tomatoes). They say it rekindle viewer enthusiasm of the show and puts it back on track. Another critic, Metacritic, gave the first part of the seventh season 85 out of 100. At the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, the series has been nominated for Outstanding Drama series, actor Jon Hamm is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category, Robert Morse has been nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series and Christina Hendricks for the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

E! Network Fashion Police is in limbo land

Posted by elegant On March - 12 - 2015

Kelly Osbourne, a featured panelist of the Fashion Police, a television fashions series on E! Network, announced in late February 2015 that she is quitting the long running television show. The show often comments on celebrity fashion. Her departure is blamed on certain comments made of a television star and a good friend of the show.

Fashion Police is a television series that started in September 2010 on E!. Originally hosted by late Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne worked with other panelists, George Kotsiopoulos and Giuliana Rancic. After the death of Joan Rivers the show has been in hiatus. Brad Goreski later replaced Kotsiopoulos and at this writing the show has not been launched.

The writers of the show complained to the State of California regarding labor law violations in regard to their compensation in April 2013. Writers went on strike on April 13, 2013.

Since the introduction of the show as a daily in September 2010, the show includes comments on many aspects of fashion including Rack Report, 360 Degree Glam Cam, Hot Ticket, Slut Cut, Bitch Stole my Look, the Five Must See Look of the Week, Busted!, Guess me from the Behind, and many more. Since March 2012, the show introduced a new segment called Look Who’s Trending and few others.

Controversial Pussy Riot to appear on House of Cards

Posted by elegant On February - 25 - 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions are upsetting many inside the country as well as outside. His annexation Crimea, a part of Ukraine rattled the whole world and his continued support for Eastern Ukraine separatists are bringing in additional sanctions on the country. It is no wonder why Pussy Riot is still making music criticizing President Putin.

Pussy Riot, the Russian punk rock protest group is based in Moscow and well known for staging unauthorized and provocative acts. Group was formed in 2011 and consists of several women and men ages 20 to 33. They are known for promoting LGBT rights, feminism, and opposition to President Putin for his dictatorial actions and connection to the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot were arrested in 2012 and sent to prison for nearly two years for protesting President Putin’s actions of gay rights. Their surprise performance at a church brought in additional legal actions on three main female performers of the group.

Pussy Riot will appear in episode 2 of Season 3, House of Cards. They are engaged in speaking parts and the episode will air some footage from a Pussy Riot concert. They include the group’s writing against a fictional character that is trying to militarize their country.

What to watch on TV now

Posted by elegant On January - 2 - 2015

The TV lineup for January 2015 and beyond is very exciting. Marvel’s Agent Carter is on ABC at 8 p.m. Veteran movie star Hayley Atwell who started on two Captain America movies and the short film, Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter is paying the main character on the TV show. She will play the undercover character Peggy. It is expected to air seven episodes.

Starting January 7, 2015, Empire will air on Fox at 9 p.m. It is about a music business and Terrance Howard plays the head of the company. Taraji P. Henson plays the role of his ex-wife, Cookie and the character makes a mess in the company after she gets out of jail where she spent few years. Their three sons are put against one another to compete to succeed the leader at the top of the company.

Starting on January 22, 2015 you can watch Backstrom on Fox at 9 p.m. If you liked “House!” definitely you are going to love this show. Rainn Wilson plays the brilliant puzzle-solver, cranky, and can’t get alone with anyone police detective character. Show is created by the famous Bones creator, Hart Hanson. But be aware of sensitive racist jokes.

America’s Funniest Home Videos (AFHV) turns 25

Posted by elegant On October - 15 - 2014

The reality television series on ABC that started on November 26, 1989 will reach 25 years in November 2014. Since January 1990, funny AFHV is a weekly staple with American families. According to Nielsen, it is the No. 1 family viewing during the last summer season just doing the re-runs. Since its inception, Vin Di Bona produces the show. Hosts of the show over the years include Bob Saget, John Fugelsang, Daisy Fuentes, and the current host Tom Bergeron.

Who can forget the piano playing chickens, backyard trampoline mishaps, cutely misbehaving cats, denture-losing grandmas and many others? The show continues to provide laughs for families that enjoy unexpected. There are no limits to the continuously flowing hilarious videos from viewers. Some are more creative while others are more spontaneous.

YouTube is a formidable contender for AFHV lately and many expected that it will bring death nail to the show. However, often time we can see many of AFHV clips are being glorified over the Internet on YouTube. Instead, the new found love affair with video clips is bringing new customers to watch AFHV. In future telecasts, YouTube video stars are expected to appear on AFHV episodes.

Goofy Gilligan’s Island turns 50

Posted by elegant On September - 12 - 2014

First aired on CBS on September 26, 1964, Gilligan’s Island ran on TV for three seasons until April 17, 1967. Gilligan’s Island will turn 50 this September. The American sitcom is known for some of its goofy characters and for its comic adventures. The cast included Bob Denver, Alan Hale, Jr., Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Russell Johnson, Tim Louise, and Dawn Wells. The seven castaways’ comic survival (they later escape from the island in a movie) treated TV viewers young and old for decades. Their marooned island life made people laugh for a half a century. The show paved the way for later comedies on TV such as Hogan’s Heroes.

Some critics say that when the show was debuted in 1965, America has gone through social unrest due to Cuban missile crisis and assassination of John F. Kennedy giving the prominence to the show more than it deserve. Whatever the reason, the war weary Americans latched onto the show immediately after its first telecast. Its impact goes beyond the initial three seasons run due to rebroadcast when children were coming home from school. The first episode shows that Gilligan and the Skipper going on a raft to find help and the last episode (Gilligan and Goddess) ends the show still the castaways stranded on the island.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) turning forty

Posted by elegant On June - 10 - 2014

We all look forward to “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.” The iconic late night show broadcast from Studio 8H of GE Building in New York City turns forty in October 2015. Premiered on October 11, 1975 with late George Carlin and musical guests Billy Preston and Janis Ian, the NBC networks Saturday Night Live is a variety show that includes comedy. Large number of talented cast involved with the show. Each episode of the show hosted by a celebrity guest supported by the SNL cast members and includes a musical guest. The show already conducted more than 760 shows and counting. The show is planning a big 40th birthday bash in February 2015.

The show won numerous awards including 36 Emmy Awards (156 nominations), three Writer’s Guild of America Awards, Peabody Award and inducted in to the National Association of Broadcast Hall of Fame. Many cast members of SNL gone on to do other things including TV and films. Recent notable cast members who left the show to do other things includes Tina Fay (30 Rock), Amy Phehler (Parks and Recreation on NBC), Seth Myers (the current host of Late Night on NBC) and Jimmy Fallon (current host of Tonight Show on NBC).

Fighting to broadcast copyright programs with new clever devices

Posted by elegant On February - 10 - 2014

Mobile markets in Asia and Europe provides faster network services at lower cost to their customers and freedom to choose than in the U.S. Taking a lesson from this, T-Mobile, the fourth largest mobile phone carrier in the U.S., recently announced that it will pay early termination fees charged by other carriers to switch to T-Mobile.

There are many providers including Aereo that provide streaming TV services including television broadcast shows on the Internet to mobile carriers mainly for smartphones and tablets. The cost of the service they provide is approximately $8 a month. The biggest issue is copyright where a fee is required to be paid to the copyrighted content to the holder for using their material. But many are finding ways to get around this by coming up with new clever devices. These include small devices that pick up broadcast signals and function as an antenna that belongs to the customer not the service provider. This way it becomes a private viewing rather than a rebroadcast that falls under the copyright law. The method is not without controversy. Broadcasters think that the practice is illegal and fighting back with lawsuits in courts.