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John Galliano, once touted to be the next “Monsieur Dior” of fashion, has found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons this time for the anti-Semitic and racist remarks that he had made at a Paris bar last week. And now, the man will face up to six months in jail if convicted as he is currently spending time in a rehab facility.

Of course, he also did apologize for his behavior and clearly stated that he is not anti-Semitic but was provoked into making statements in being verbally harassed as well as hit with a chair as the way he looked and the clothing he wore was not accepted well.

And his lawyers have already filed a countersuit on the counts of aggression and defamation against Galliano against the culprits. However, the fashion world has not taken this situation well as Galliano was fired immediately after a video which was taken in October depicted him saying that he loved Hitler and how Jews would have been gassed.

According to the experts, even though there was no doubt that Galliano took the Dior brand into the next century but since the fashion industry hinges on ‘reputation’, it was justifiable that this action had to be taken.

And since he has a reputation for dressing some of Hollywood’s A-listers, and continues to do so, Natalie Portman (being a Jew) is shocked and disgusted by this verbal tirade of Galliano and wants nothing to do with him either.


And while people say that the pressures of the industry have been responsible for his public downfall, the Dior and Galliano catwalk shows will go ahead as scheduled despite this controversy.

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