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The Television Academy change criteria after Emmys

Posted by elegant On January - 14 - 2015

Comedy and drama landscape is changing. For 2014 Emmy considerations Netflix submitted its hit series Orange is the New Black as a comedy while HBO submitted its successful True Detective as a drama. These and other considerations are now forcing Emmys to revise its criteria. The Television Academy is now proposing to change 60-minute series to be drama and 30-minute series to be comedies. This reflects the changing climate of the industry where more and more content are distributed through Netflix and HBO.

If an episode of a series is 30 minutes or less, it will be defined as comedies. Similarly those episodes in series that exceed 30 minutes will be a drama. However, if a producer has concerns over the criteria, he or she can petition the nine-member Academy panel. This panel consists of five members from the industry leaders appointed by the Chairman of the Television Academy and four members appointed by the Board of Governors. A two-thirds majority is required for approval of a petition and to be put into an alternative category. Changes also been made to the Guest Actor category requiring less than 50 percent appearance. Also the miniseries category has been renamed as “Limited Series.”

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