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Tips for buying a winter coat

Posted by creative On October - 28 - 2011

With winter approaching many of you would be considering purchasing a winter coat. There are many designs and styles available in the market. A well-fitting coat will not only keep you warm and snug but will make you look good as well. Here are some helpful hints to help you select the perfect coat.

Determine your body shape

Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you are a pear or apple shaped, petite, curvy or athletic? When shopping make sure the coat suits your proportions.

Do research on the many coat styles and the ones that suit your body type. This will make it easier for you to make a good choice.

Does it allow enough movement, make sure it does not feel tight when you stretch your arm and are the sleeves are the right length, which is up to your wrist.

Choose a coat that is the right length for you for example if you are petite go for a hip length coat.
A winter coat is a must have during the cold winter weather so spend the time and money to get the perfect coat.

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