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A sequel to the “Alien” movie in the works

Posted by elegant On January - 20 - 2015

Apparently 20th Century Fox has completed a deal to develop a new Alien movie with the South African born director Neill Blomkamp. This is not connected to the current sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott and his company Scott Free will be directing the new movie too. Other off-shoots of the sci-fi thriller includes “Prometheus 2” which still under filming. At this time it is unclear whether Sigourney Weaver will be coming back or not. The new film is expected to be a sequel to Prometheus.

Alien franchise started with its science fiction horror series in 1979 with its Alien directed by Ridley Scott and still going strong. The first movie starred by Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright and many others. Who could forget the highly aggressive extraterrestrial character that killed the spaceship crew? Movie was honored with an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and many others. The first movie was a commercial success making more than $80 million in the US and over $203 million worldwide. This financial success allowed 20th Century Fox to finance three sequels during the next 18 years. Sigourney Weaver remained as the main actress for these three sequels as well as another off-shoot. All these created a separate media franchise.

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