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America’s Funniest Home Videos (AFHV) turns 25

Posted by elegant On October - 15 - 2014

The reality television series on ABC that started on November 26, 1989 will reach 25 years in November 2014. Since January 1990, funny AFHV is a weekly staple with American families. According to Nielsen, it is the No. 1 family viewing during the last summer season just doing the re-runs. Since its inception, Vin Di Bona produces the show. Hosts of the show over the years include Bob Saget, John Fugelsang, Daisy Fuentes, and the current host Tom Bergeron.

Who can forget the piano playing chickens, backyard trampoline mishaps, cutely misbehaving cats, denture-losing grandmas and many others? The show continues to provide laughs for families that enjoy unexpected. There are no limits to the continuously flowing hilarious videos from viewers. Some are more creative while others are more spontaneous.

YouTube is a formidable contender for AFHV lately and many expected that it will bring death nail to the show. However, often time we can see many of AFHV clips are being glorified over the Internet on YouTube. Instead, the new found love affair with video clips is bringing new customers to watch AFHV. In future telecasts, YouTube video stars are expected to appear on AFHV episodes.

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