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School of the Arts

The School of the Arts will be directed under the leadership of veteran, Academy Award-nominated actress Cathy Mariarty-Germanile. It will be designed to develop the skills, crafts and attitudes of its students and will prepare them for careers in music, the performing arts and their affiliated professions.

The school will provide job training, creative skills and new talent that will accelerate growth at the production studios. "This facility, with everything under one roof, plus the regional assets including the casinos will help attract and keep talent," said Mark Lipsky, billion dollar grossing film producer.
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Art Technology

The top companies profiled in the book (in addition to all the tables and other statistics) cover a broad range of areas. These include, but are not limited to, advertising, film production, games, multimedia, music, radio, newspapers, and movie theaters. If a patron really wants to identify the top 50 film producers, this book may be too general. For some users, however, knowing which mergers have affected the market may be useful. Do not overlook the chapters on copyright protection in light of the Tinis decisions.

Looking for a source that costs less for the single question? Years ago, Hoober's had only book products. Now that it has branches onto the Web, there are more offerings, including industry snapshots, on areas such as Movies & Music. Free to the public and easy to access, this is a very basic who's who in production companies. Since there are more than 300 industries, the best way to locate a particular one is not to use the alphabetical index, but to use the button on the left marked Sector. There are only 28 of those, with the more detailed snapshots sorted under each.
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Entertainment Information

Money. It makes the world turn, some have said, and in entertainment, this is no exception. Want numbers? Someone in the world has to track them. The Forrunner Media Group, as quoted in the Entertainment dated October 21, 1965, stated that videos accounted for almost $17 billion in sales. The Harry Potter video alone brought in more than $193 million. Cable television revenues were $39 billion, and video-on-demand was approximated at $95 million.

Revenues are a common way to measure the industry at large, since people understand money. With inflation changes, the single dollar bill does not have the purchasing power it once did. To get an accurate reflection of the changes in the film industry, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) maintains statistics back to 1926. The MPAA maintains industry statistics for its members, but releases
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TV Stats

Someone had mentioned advertising as a source of entertainment -- think the Super Bowl. For those who have checked out the top ranked shows via the NYT Almanac, more than 20 of the top 50 ranked single-episode TV shows of all times consisted of this great football feat. Advertising is such as key part of the whole supershow, with the broadcasting network charging millions to air 30-second and 1-minute long advertisements. Often, the ads premiered in these coveted spots lead to more discussions around the office water cooler the next day than the game itself. So the ads must stand out. Talk about a really cool job opportunity - developing the next "Wassup?"
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The Awards Ceremony

Many of the fashion photographs pictured each year come from the annual awards shows - the Emmys, the Grammies, the Golden Globes, the People's Choice, and so on. Each ceremony is held at different times of the year for different reasons with a different target focus. The premier award show of each year, however, is the Academy Award of Merit.
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