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Charlie sheens character to exit Two and a Half Men

Posted by creative On August - 7 - 2011

The new season of the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men will begin with the funeral of Charlie Harper played by Charlie Sheen. Pictures released show a funeral scene in a church with Charlie’s iconic bowling shirt. Sheen was sacked from the show last season due to his drug and alcohol addiction. According to the show’s producer TMZ Charlie will die a violent death after he is run over by a subway train.

It was revealed that Charlie married his neighbor Rose and they have gone to France where Rose finds him with another woman and the marriage breaks up. At the funeral Rose reveals that after the incident with the other woman, they were waiting for a subway in France when Charlie slips and the subway runs him over. There is a hint that Rose has pushed him.

The episode will also introduce Sheen’s replacement Ashton Kutcher who plays the role of an internet Billionaire Walter Schmidt who buys Charlie’s beach front home.

The episode will also have guest appearances by John Stamos who was once considered as the replacement for Sheen and Jenny Mc Carthy who played the role of one of Charlie’s ex girlfriends.

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