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Pandora music radio anywhere, anytime

Posted by elegant On January - 27 - 2014

Started a decade ago, Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and music recommendation service on the Internet. It began decoding music in 2009 using a 400 attribute algorithm that guide to music you like and they called it “Music Genome Project.” It plays music selections based on user’s artist selection and the user provides positive or negative feedback for songs chosen for him or her by the service. Then they take the result into consideration when recommending songs to play for the user in the future. The service has two subscription options; one with a free service supported by advertisements and a fee-based subscription without advertisements. Service is available on mobile units as well as the home computer in the United States.

Started in Oakland, California Pandora iPhone app helped it to attract more than 35 million listeners, more than half of them on mobile devices. Its advertisements generate income and the company started to make a profit in 2009. The company went public in 2011. Today its revenue estimated at $274 million with a profit of $16 million. Royalty claims have been a major issue for Pandora and they are working things out in open courts.

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