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Reasons Why People Do Not Lose Weight

Posted by admin On March - 27 - 2011

Reason #1: No Exercise

Most experts consider this to be the primary reason as to why people do not lose weight. If you don’t exercise, you won’t burn any calories, and you don’t burn any calories, you won’t lose any weight. It’s as simple as that!

Reason #2: On a Diet without Exercise

Just as one cannot clap with only one hand, the same thing applies to losing weight. Even if you pick the best diet that is in the market today, you will notice that exercise is also a part of the routine that they ask you to follow. Therefore, dieting without exercise is pointless, and won’t achieve results.

Reason #3: Not enough Calorie In-take

With the minimum intake being at 1200 calories no matter who you are, and perhaps while the common misconception is that if you skip a few meals you will lose weight, nothing can be further from the truth as this is minimum recommended limit so that the body will have enough energy to function properly and your health will suffer as a result. So eat your meals regularly.

Reason #4: Excuses

While all these tips can be useful for people who are ignorant, the only people who can motivate themselves to follow a proper diet and exercise program are the ones who don’t focus on the excuses. It’s not about not having the time but making the time for these important aspects of living that will bring about a change in your life.

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