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Sotheby’s will be holding a planned auction of art of the estate of Rachel Lambert Mellon, better known as “Bunny” Mellon, in early November 2014. The auction will include 43 pieces of art work from various artists including Mark Rothko, Paul Seurat, David Nahmad, Richard Diebenkorn, and many others collected by the reclusive billionaire couple. Mark Rothko pieces will include 1955 “Untitled (Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Light Orange).” “Ocean Park” from Richard Diebenkorn and many works of Nicolas de Stael will also be included in the auction and expected to be sold at higher prices. Proceeds from the auction expected to go to the Gerald B. Lambert Foundation. Sotheby’s expect to collect $120 million from the art auction. Many pieces have been concealed from public eye for many decades.

Paul Mellon died in 1999 and the widow “Bunny” Mellon died at the age of 103 in March 2014. Together they spent decades collecting art using the fortune they inherited from the grandfather who inventor of Listerine and the father who was a banker. The couple was the founders of the Yale Center British Art. They also donated many pieces to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

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