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Broadcast journalist, author and television personality, Barbara Walters announced in May 2013 during the ABC daytime hit series, The View that she is retiring from the show and television effective within a year.  She has been a fixture in television shows including the Today show, The View, 20/20, ABC Evening News and many others.  The 83-year old television icon’s career extend more than 50 years.

She started her television career as a writer and segment producer in NBC in 1961.  She was the first woman to co-host a news program at the time.  She became a news anchor in 1974 in the “Today” show.  She broke another barrier when she joined ABC to co-anchor the network’s evening news broadcast in 1976 becoming the first female co-anchor ever of a network news broadcast.  Her highlights include an interview with Fidel Castro in 1999 and Monica Lewinsky interview after the President Bill Clinton’s sex scandal which highlighted her exceptional interviewing skills.  She interviewed many U.S. presidents and first ladies, world leaders and controversial figures.  From 1979 to 2004 she worked as a co-host and producer of the ABC news magazine 20/20.  She created The View in 1997.

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