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Why in the world Hollywood is called tinseltown?

Posted by elegant On January - 21 - 2014

Tinseltown is a slang term used to identify Hollywood. The nickname is added because of glittering and superficial nature of Hollywood and the movie industry that is long associated with it. Hollywood is a well-defined area nestled within the City of Los Angeles. Some parts of Hollywood such as West Hollywood and Beverly Hill are separate jurisdictions apart from the City of Los Angeles.

Since 1600s the word “tinsel” has been used to describe something showy or gaudy, but has no value. The word became more associated with Hollywood when the film industry started to take hold in the city in 1970s. The first association with the phrase “tinseltown” was used in 1975 when the film industry started to go through a major transition. Some say Hollywood is all celebrities and glitter with no real substance.

Movies made Hollywood a magical place which was once famous for its orange groves. The readily available vacant land and friendly people attracted movie makers into Hollywood making it a powerhouse just before the World War I. It attracted many studios that are spread across the depth and width of the city. Now the area is full of landmarks associated with the film industry including the Chinese Mann Theater.

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