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One of televisions biggest nightly shows, The X Factor, will be entering into live show and voting begging in November 2013. The winner gets a $5 million recording contract and unparalleled publicity for the winner as well as the finalists. Versions of the X Factor take place in many countries around the world and the U.S. show started in 2010 after a legal settlement with the creator of the show, American Idol. In addition to the American Idol, The Voice is also considered as a rival show to The X Factor.

The creator and the producer of the show Simon Cowell will lead the Groups. They include Restless Road, the real life couple Alex and Sierra, and the girl group Sweet Suspense. Mentor Demi Lovato’s Girls include high school senior Ellona Santiago, 16-year old 11th grader Khaya Cohen, and Rion Page. Paulina Rubio’s Boys include the 15-year old youngest contestant Levi, 16-year old Carlos Guevara, Carlito Olivero, and Tim Olstad. Kelly Rowland’s Over 25 includes Nashville waitress Rachel Potter, rocker Jeff Gutt, and Grandmother Lillie McCloud. Watch them perform their best on Fox on Wednesday and vote and watch results on Thursday.

Can Miley Cyrus stay out of trouble?

Posted by elegant On October - 11 - 2013

Ever since her July 2013 nude pose for a charity, “Protect the Skin You’re In” to raise awareness for melanoma research and to benefit the NYU Cancer Institute and the NYU Langone Medical Center, Miley Cyrus can’t seems to stay out of controversies. Previously in 2011, the actress and singer caught in a second videotaped smoke related violation. As a 15-year old, her 2008 controversial topless photo shoot with Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair magazine was the start of series of controversies that seems to follow her to date. In 2009 she carried the controversy over to her erotic pole dance. Respect she earned as a young artist and role modal appears to be eroding much faster lately due to series of controversies.

Born Destiny Hope Cyrus in November 1992, Miley is an accomplished singer and actress. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus is a well-regarded Country music artist. As a teen idol, Miley made a name for her in Disney Channel television series, Hannah Montana. Her album, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, sold over three million copies sending her to the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten list. She also acted in several films including few depicting her career.

The battle which lasted more than a month between CBS, the No. 1 television network in the U.S. and cable company Time Warner Cable resulted in CBS getting paid increased payments, $2 per subscriber. Re-transmission fees paid by cable companies to CBS accounts for nearly $250 million a year in revenue.

The battle highlights the underlying issues that are faced by content providers and broadcasters such as CBS. They are faced with dwindling revenue from various sources. New technologies such as digital video recording and video on demand are eating into revenue and taking away customers. The ever increasing mobile solutions are helping mobile users to drift away to other sources for entertainment on the go. Broadcasters are also under constant threat from Internet TV from Apple and others. The end result was that CBS had to stick to its position and Time Warner Cable agreeing to pay higher fees.

Television networks are also trying to stay alive in light of new competition. CBS entered into a contract with Netflix for Internet-streaming services for its content including its top-quality shows. It is also recruiting actors with broad appeal to viewers and good stories.