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Remembering brilliant actor Philip Seymour Hoffman

Posted by elegant On February - 21 - 2014

Philips Seymour Hoffman, an admired American stage and film actor died on Sunday, February 2, 2014 in Greenwich Village, New York of an apparent drug overdose. He has been struggling with his drug addiction from his college days in New York City. He was 46. He played roles from leading man to villains and sidekicks on screen and was a prominent figure in Broadway too.

His final act on stage in Broadway was in 2012 in “Death of a Salesman.” He was nominated for a Tony Award for the role. He played roles in such productions including “The Big Lebowski,” “Along Came Polly,” “Happiness,” and “Boogie Nights.”

He won an Academy Award in the Best Actor category in 2005 for “Capote.” He was nominated three times for Academy Award for his supporting roles in “Charlie Wilson’s War” (2007), “Doubt” (2008), and “The Master” (2012). He appeared in more than 50 films in his career that spanned almost 25 ears. He starred in big budget movies such as “Mission Impossible III” and independent films such as “The Savages.”

He leaves behind a young son, two daughters and mother of his children and his longtime girlfriend whom he separated in 2013.

One of world’s best auction houses, Sotheby’s

Posted by elegant On February - 17 - 2014

The world’s fourth oldest auction house, Sotheby’s founded in London, England in 1744 and today a multi-national company headquartered in New York City. As of the end of 2012, it had 90 locations in 40 countries and employed more than 1,500 people worldwide. They are the world leader in fine art and books auctions generating more than $850 million in revenue a year. Global sales generate over $ 5 billion a year. Additional broker services of the company include jewelry, real estate, and collectibles. All these falls into three main categories of the company, namely auctions, finance and dealer services.

Their auctions are held during the day and majority is free to general public with no requirement to bid. Some events may require tickets and may be held in the evening. They publish catalogues well in advance of auctions and anyone can browse their offerings on the Internet, at their Web site. Prospective buyers need to register and bids can be placed in person or through online. Successful bidders need to sign a contract with the auction house and pay using many options including cash and wire transfer. If the bids are below the minimum set by the auctioneer, no auction will be held.

What went wrong for “The X Factor USA”?

Posted by elegant On February - 5 - 2014

After three declining viewership, revenue, ratings and record sales, the Fox channel has recently announced that it is officially cancelling the show. The American version of the show debuted in September 2011 in the US at a time its successful run in the UK show while delivering Leona Lewis and top selling British act, One Direction. Legal ramblings over the cancellation are sure to follow. With a glamorous opening and delivering blow after blow to other shows, what went wrong for the X Factor?

Experts name all kinds of things for the failure of the show. Selection of poor judges from Paula Abdul to Nicole Scherzinger and Paulina Rubio, and L.A. Reid quitting the show brought in some dissatisfaction among viewers. Viewers clearly showed their disinterest in the original host and former underwear model Steve Jones and one time co-host Khloe Kardashian-Odom. Then there were promises newer fulfilled. No albums have been released of show winners Melanie Amaro and Tate Stevens as promised. Show expected to draw 20 million viewers but the debut brought in only 13 million viewers. At the end of Season 3, the viewership has dwindled to half of its viewers. This appears to be a hard blow to any show let alone the X Factor.