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They sold the original Apple 1 computer for $387,750 recently. Of course we are talking of Christie’s International. It is the world’s largest art business as well as a fine arts auctioneer head quartered in London with a New York office at the Rockefeller Plaza. Their most recent offices are in China and India and Brazil is scheduled for opening in next year. Collector’s prefers to deal with a specialist such as auctioneer Christie’s International owned by the France’s Francois-Henri Pinault family. They sold second century master piece, Three Graces, a Roman marble recently for $813,958. 2013 sales of Christie’s topped $7.13 billion beating the competitor Sotheby’s who earned $6.3 billion for the same period.

Christie’s known for their live auctions, private sales, online only sales, and many others. It collects fees of 25 percent for first $75,000 to 12 percent for over $1.5 million. In June 2012, it sold George Washington’s annotated copy of the “Acts Passed at a Congress of the United States of America” including the Constitution for $9,826,500 and in November 2013, Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucian Freud for $142.4 million (most expensive work of art sold at an auction).

Is Hollywood losing its luster?

Posted by elegant On April - 21 - 2014

Most recently, the NBC’s late night show left Hollywood and went back to New Your City after decades of absence. It is no secret that big movie productions citing cost concerns are looking outside tinseltown for productions. Other cities and states are providing tax and other incentives to lure more and more movie productions. According to Variety, a magazine specializing in movies reports that number of positions related to movies in Hollywood dropped from 136,000 in 1997 to 116,000 in 2011. Big budget movies such as “Iron Man 3”, “The Lone Ranger,” and “The Great Gatsby” were filmed in North Carolina, New Mexico and Utah, and Australia respectively. Additionally, revenue from movies is also going down recently adding fuel to the fire.

Not just movies, some TV productions are also leaving Hollywood too. California’s share of hour-long network shows dropped from 89 percent in 2005 to 39 percent in 2012, a huge blow to California. A renewed effort to keep production and bring new filming is underway at the state as well as local levels. Taxes and cost of productions are two key concerns and renewed efforts are aimed at helping to production companies in these areas.

Web to facilitate renting art

Posted by elegant On April - 14 - 2014

Collecting art is an expensive endeavor. Many who want to enjoy art are turning to renting art because of love of art and concerns over cost of owning art. Starting as low as $10 a month you can rent prints from online sites such as, Rise Art and many others. A growing number of online sites are educating many art lovers while helping them to rent or own pieces at a cheaper price. advertises that it is effortless, affordable, fresh and local to rent art from them. They even install it for you. Many sites want you to answer a questionnaire so that they can determine your preference and suggest pieces for you to rent. Launched in 2010, the Boston based works with local artists of your area and will facilitate renting their work. It is not just for your home and private enjoyment; you can rent art for your entire office at a cost of buying a piece. Membership at starts at $10 a month, you can choose from a wide selection, and you don’t even have to pay for shipping. Of course, they will sell pieces to you too. Web sites also provide analytics, help artists to cut the middleman and reap the value of their work.

“Tonight Show” moves back to New York City

Posted by elegant On April - 9 - 2014

Nearly after 42 year absence, the NBC‘s late night sensation, “Tonight Show,” returned back to the same studio in Ney York City in February 2014, where Jonny Carson broadcast his show in 1972 and Jack Paar before him. The new host, Jimmy Fallon replaced legendary host of the show, Jay Leno. Jimmy Fallon emerged from the Saturday Night Live (SNL). The Tonight Show defines the late night television for everyone.

Beside the personal change, the venue change from Burbank, California to Manhattan, New York City brings cultural and economic changes to the area. New York City considered as the trend setting capital of the world that never sleeps. NBC and its parent Comcast spend many millions of dollars to make the change and the show is expected to bring more than 100 additional jobs, boost tourism and bring revenue to the area. Investment includes new state-of-the-art studio, control room and an elaborate new lobby to welcome the nightly audience. The new studio brings 50 additional seats than the studio in Burbank. While Tonight Show joins other shows such as 30 Rock, MSNBC and NBC News, Los Angeles is losing many jobs as well as associated revenue and luster.